Time for Int’l Community to Stand with Elected Gov’t of Ethiopia, Support Reform Ambitions: Ambassador Hirut


November 24/2021 (ENA) It is time for the international community to support Ethiopia overcome its challenges and to realize its reform ambitions, according to Ambassador Hirut Zemene.

In her latest statement on current affairs of Ethiopia, Hirut said Ethiopia is a nation that exhibits centuries old values that weld the people together in bad times and good times.

It is an untold story that despite the challenges that it had to check an unwarranted attack from within, the government has not stepped back from its commitment for a democratic election, she pointed out.

Friends of Ethiopia should reflect on these facts and play a positive force in the effort to upholding the democratic order. Ethiopians have decided on how to be governed through the June 2021 democratic election, according to the Ambassador.

Stating that only a democratic path could bring the country back on course of peace and security, Hirut stressed that for this to happen, the voice of the people expressed through the ballot box should be respected.

The ambassador affirmed that there is no doubt that Ethiopia will settle its current internal security challenges, unfortunately inflicted upon her from within.

Ethiopia has been a symbol of freedom and justice in many instances on the world stage. So, Hirut added it is time for the international community to support this remarkable nation overcome its challenges.

It is in the best interest of the international community to try to understand the country’s drive to reform and ascertain national sovereignty, and provide critical support whereas the international media is advised to be a rationale voice of the international community that puts the problem into the right context, it was indicated.