Western Power Targeting Ethiopia For Its Importance to African Resistance: Pan-Africanist


Ethiopia has been targeted by Western powers due to its importance to African resistance, neo-colonialism and imperialism, Ugandan Pan-Africanist Matua Job Richard said.

The Pan-Africanist Richard further urged African countries to stand alongside Ethiopia at this critical time.

Currently Ethiopia is fighting an African war, war that can change Africa, the Pan-Africanist told  ENA.

He stressed that the war waged against Ethiopia should not be narrowed down to an ordinary conflict and treated as an aggression against Ethiopia alone.

“This is not an Ethiopia war. This is clearly and conclusively an African war. The West is having a strategic agenda to recapture Africa in their competition with Eastern powers.”

According to him, Ethiopia has been targeted for having great importance to African resistance, neo-colonialism, and imperialism.

Ethiopia is sitting in an important region of Africa called Great Lakes Region, Richard noted, adding that this is the only region in the entire world that is immensely endowed with natural resources beyond what we can ever think about.  

The pan-Africanist observed that even people living in the region do not know about the resources. But the Westerners know because they study these by using their technology, so-called satellite.  

“So there is an aggressive agenda to recapture the Great Lakes Region and Africa. And this can become possible when they destabilize the region. By destabilizing Ethiopia, the West is targeting the entire Great Lakes Region,” he elaborated.

On other hand, the struggle between the west and east powers is becoming view. The war in Ethiopia is proxy war between the western and eastern powers.

US and its western alliance in the NATO have realized that China is gradually has increased its dominance in the Great Lakes Region in Africa.

Richard stressed that for the Western powers to dominate the Great Lakes Region and Africa, it is very important that they tackle the country that has been a center of excellence in Africa.

“Ethiopia is the center of excellence in very many ways. Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been colonized. All attempts were defeated by Ethiopians.”

The pan-Africanist pointed out  that the US and its alliance come to Africa in different names. They pose as defenders human rights and democracy, while they do not respect human rights of their citizens in the first place. For instance, black Americans have been killed like chicken in their own countries, he added.

Richard further recalled that USA came to Africa to invade Libya in the name of human rights and democracy. “What is the result in Libya? That must be a point of reference. … We must not accept the lies of Western powers that cheat the world in the name of human rights and democracy. African countries need to say enough is enough and no more.”  

Speaking about the international media spreading fake news and propaganda on Ethiopia, the pan-Africanist said the Western propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation is aimed at deceiving its own citizens and the rest of the world.

Richard recalled that the US lied to its citizens and the world that Iraq had weapon of mass destruction to win the support of the Congress that permitted them to attack Iraq.

In the case of Ethiopia, the West is spreading false propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation using the so-called international media in order to convince all its citizens and the rest of the world to accept their immoral and unjust action, he explained.  

The “Western media have been the main tool of propaganda that we have to deal with very seriously by fact checking all information that comes from western media,” the pan-Africanist stressed.

African countries must support Ethiopia, he insisted. “Some of us pan-Africanists in Uganda  have come up strongly to defend Ethiopia, especially by fact checking the lies of the white man.”

He said, “We are online 24 hours to defend our mother continent and stand with Ethiopia. We invite all other African countries to come and do that. We must take control of the narratives of white man. If we allow the white man to take control of the narrative and frame Ethiopia for genocide, massacre as we hear; and then we will loss the battle.”