Int’l Schools Warned for Stopping Teaching Without Reason: Gov’t Communication Service


Addis Ababa, November 20/2021 (ENA) Three international schools that operate in Addis Ababa have been warned for stopping teaching without tangible reasons, Government Communication Service said.

Government Communication Service State Minister, Selamawit Kassa said international and community schools have been pressurized to stop their teaching and learning activities.

The schools have been targeted to stop teaching because of the terrorist TPLF disinformation campaign and lies of the Western media, she added.

According to her, out of the international and community schools that had stopped teaching in Addis Ababa due to pressure from the media and other entities, three international schools which have stopped the teaching and learning process for no reason were given official warning from  Ministry of Education proved.

The schools which received warnings are Sandford International School, Bingham Academy, and International Community School (largely known as American School).

The state minister also dismissed the untrustworthy international news and media reports that are  falsely claiming that flight in Ethiopian airspace, including Addis Ababa International Airport, is not safe and unsecured.

Selamawit said the disinformation is part of TPLF’s false propaganda.  

“One of the weapons the TPLF terrorist group and its affiliates uses is the dissemination and  propaganda being used as a front for the destruction of the country. By using foreign media outlets to spread false information, the Western media have been falsely claiming that the Ethiopian Airspace is not safe pilots need to be extra careful.”

Speaking about the state of emergency, the state minister said citizens have been responding effectively to the call in registering weapons and many illegal weapons are being seized.

Selamawit further said the registration of communication equipment has started and called on all concerned to get registered military goggles, communication radios, drones, and satellite networks, among others, within 15 days.