Fake News Campaign against Ethiopia Part of Conspiracy to Dismantle Nation


November 15/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Sudan, Yibeltal Aemero briefed local and international media outlets in Khartoum about the current situation in Ethiopia.

Some international media outlets are trying to tarnish the true image of Ethiopia by deliberately disseminating fake news.

The Ambassador said deliberately distorted information about Ethiopia should not deceive the people of Sudan from understanding the reality on the ground in Ethiopia.

The story of the siege of Addis Ababa by the TPLF and its affiliates is a part of the orchestrated psychological warfare that aimed to break the unity of Ethiopians, he added.

“It is disturbing to see well-known media outlets echoing propaganda of the TPLF that has a proven record of utter disregard for lives and properties,” Yibeltal stated.  

Ambassador Yibeltal finally said the people and government of Ethiopia sincerely wish development and peace to the people of Sudan and are closely monitoring what is happening in the country, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.