Total Energies Launches Start upper Challenge to Support Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs


November 9/2021 /ENA/ Total Energies in Ethiopia has launched today the third edition of the start upper of the year challenge to support and reward selected young entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.

Young local entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 engaged in any sector, either with business creation project or start up under three years old, is invited to register until December 23 this year to compete and be selected for the supports and rewards, it was learned.

Judges will finally select the best business creation project, best start up under 3 years old and best female entrepreneur. Each three final winners will get financial support, personalized coaching and media campaign to give their project visibility.  

The prize for “best female entrepreneur” is a new feature for this third edition aimed to encourage female entrepreneurs, statement of Total Energies Marketing Ethiopia announced.

Total Energies Marketing Ethiopia Specialized and B2B Marketing Manager, Fayda Zewdu said “this third edition will increase the participation of female entrepreneurs by 50 percent.”

She stated that only 34 and 13 percent females participated in the second and first editions respectively.

The manager added that her company is launching the edition to encourage young entrepreneurs, especially women in Ethiopia, so that they can contribute to the sustainable development of the country.  

Total Energies Marketing Brand Ambassador Haile Gebreslasie appreciated the company for continuing to encourage entrepreneurs in Ethiopia and Africa and called other organizations to follow suit.

Haile underscored that such initiatives will create various opportunities for entrepreneurs and contribute to the overall development.

“Investors like me have to also consider working with local entrepreneurs to solve common challenges, grow companies and contribute to socio-economic development of the country,” the Ambassador said, adding that he has observed important entrepreneurial projects crucial to his investment and is considering ways of working with them.