Israelis of Ethiopian Origin Condemn Fake Reports of Int’l Media on Ethiopia


November 9/2021 /ENA/  Israelis of Ethiopian origin have strongly condemned the fake reports of some international media outlets, particularly CNN, about the current situation in Ethiopia.

Western international media houses such as the BBC and CNN have been disseminating false information about Ethiopia.

The CNN, for instance, reported last week that the terrorist TPLF group has surrounded the capital city Addis Ababa to create panic among the inhabitants, including members of the international community residing in the city.

Two Israeli citizens of Ethiopian origin, who are here in Ethiopia for humanitarian work, have expressed their dismay about the reports as they are completely fake and aim at destabilizing the country.

The Israeli, Alemu Aytegeb and Dereje Koke are Currently assessing the situation in the country to provide humanitarian assistance for displaced persons through their non-governmental organization Ethio-Israel Black Lion Global Unit.

Speaking to ENA, Alemu Aytegeb said reports of some Western media, including CNN and BBC, regarding the situation in Ethiopia are full of lies and do not exist on the ground.

Alemu stated that he was very annoyed by the report of CNN a few days ago that the rebel forces have reached the outskirts of Addis Ababa,

But “there is nothing in Adama and Bishoftu cities some 100 kilomemters from Addis Ababa. I  want to tell CNN, BBC journalists that I am listening to you every minute. All the Western media, including you, are unfortunately disseminating lies to the world.  The people of the world have to get real information. It is their right to know the truth.”

He further stated that hundreds of thousands have been displaced due to the invasion of the terrorist TPLF group on Amhara and Afar regions.

There are about 360,000 displaced persons living in Debarq town of North Gondar Zone of Amhara region alone, Alemu revealed, adding that many people were killed and farms burned down  by the invading TPLF group.   

“People located at the borders between Amhara and Tigray regional states have been terribly affected. I have never seen incidents of such kind in any war. Even cows are killed. Many people are killed, kicked out from their houses; their farmlands have been set on fire. And I have never seen such a war. All these inhuman atrocities are committed by TPLF. This is the truth on the ground,” the Israeli elaborated.

The other Israeli of Ethiopian origin, Dereje Kuke said on his part that the reports of some Western media regarding the situation in Ethiopia are biased.

The international community including Ethiopians living abroad, should not be misled by the disinformation campaign being carried out by some international media such as CNN and BBC, he noted.

During his visit to Ethiopia, Dereje said he has observed that many people have been victimized and displaced because of the invasion of the terrorist group.

 “I want to convey my message to the international community to stretch their hands to people in need in Ethiopia since there are many displaced persons needing humanitarian assistance,” he said.

The non-governmental organization Ethio-Israel Black Lion Global Unit has been mobilizing resources from Israel for humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia.