TPLF Posing Danger to Horn of Africa: Experts Warn


November 9/2021 /ENA/  The terrorist TPLF, backed by Western powers, is waging war against Ethiopia and the region at large, Horn of Africa experts said.

Speaking at a live discussion held on Twitter about the present in Ethiopia yesterday evening, the Somali,  Eritrean  and Ethiopian experts emphasized that east African countries should support the Ethiopian government to thwart TPLF’s terror advance.

The people in the Horn of Africa should understand that the current conflict is not only about an Ethiopian war, they noted, adding that the TPLF intends to destabilize the whole region. 

The terrorist TPLF has been causing tremendous human suffering in Amhara and Afar regional states as the group is expanding its aggression in many parts of the regions. 

The Somali political analyst, Ahmed Heshi, revealed that the TPLF is working to stabilize the Horn of Africa at the moment with forces that are seeking regime change in Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

TPLF is a group of few oligarchs and cliques of people who have a huge amount of interest to expand their bellicose approach as they are backed by Western powers, he added.

According to him, “westerners,  the US Administration in particular, have been fueling conflicts in the Horn of Africa.”

The analysts believes that this unwanted support from the Western countries and their ill-intended media narrative are emboldening the terrorist TPLF.

Following this western powers support particularly, US administration’s hostile move to the Horn of Africa as well as its foreign policy decisions, “westerners have been fueling the conflict, the analyst underscored.”

For him, this unwanted support from the western countries and their ill-intended media narrative is emboldening the terrorist TPLF.

“We the people in the whole of Africa have an opportunity to democratize our politics, life and everything. Yet these are the countries that are bombarding other countries for what they call  democracy.”

For Heshi, the ongoing conflict with TPLF and its allies is no longer an Ethiopian fight, rather a conflict that requires a regional response and support to the Ethiopian government.

“Actually, people need to speak about it because what’s happening in this silence is happening in the entire region. So what we need to do is come up together,” he noted.

Simon Tesfamariam, a pusher of progressive rational policies for Africa, said on his part TPLF is waging war against Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa to serve as a regional agent to the interest of the West.

“It’s not only waging war against the entire Ethiopia people. People have to understand that the TPLF is waging war against Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. So it’s not about an Ethiopian government fighting with TPLF,” the Eritrean expert pointed out.

As a result, the entire Horn of Africa should stand together and take pragmatic action against the  terrorist TPLF which has been striving to regionalize its terror ambition, he added. 

The Ethiopian political analysits, Nebiyu Assefa said the Biden Administration is being pushed by TPLF activists to pressurize Ethiopia.

The United States should be mindful of the fact that sanctions and other corrosive tools against Ethiopians will have counterproductive effect in the entire east African region, one of the important geo-strategic regions in the world, he underscored.

As Ethiopians who live around the world are condemning the unwarranted pressure by the Western world, the analyst called on east African countries to stand alongside Ethiopia.