Some Foreign Media Outlets Use Fake News to Get Money: Foreign Journalists


International journalists, who are in a working visit in Ethiopia, revealed that some media institutions operating in the west disseminate fake news to get huge amount of money.

It is to be recalled that some international media institutions operating in the west have been intensively engaged in disseminating fake news about the current situation in Ethiopia.

Particularly, the so called US giant CNN few days ago reported false news as if the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa was surrounded by the forces of the terrorist TPLF.  

Observers said that the purpose of this fake report was to create panic and chaos in the city and among the inhabitant.

A group of journalists who work in international media institutions are in Ethiopia for a working visit. 

They have witnessed the reports made by some western media about the current security situation in the country. According to them the reports are entirely different from the reality on the ground which is very peaceful and calm.

Such reports are printed or broadcasted just to amass huge amount of money, they added.

The American journalist, Pole Anderson said some journalists are incapable of securing money by sticking on professionalism. Hence, he added that they opt to fake news by causing human and material damages.  

Such media outlets don’t care about the safety of people, their development activities or other positive achievements but they just focus on bad events just to get money, he added. 

Anderson further stated that Ethiopia has now been experiencing such challenges noting the recent fake news broadcasted by the international media outlets about the security situation in Addis Ababa.   

Raymond Michilues for his part said the media report that he has been following was entirely different as he has himself witnessed the reality and noted “we have been visiting several places and enjoying peacefully in Addis Ababa.”

The Ugandan journalist Denis Duke said it is sad that media institutions now are disseminating fake news in order to get money. The news being reported by foreign media outlets about Ethiopia are different from what he has been observing in person.

“Most of foreign journalists are freelance journalists. They are paid as per their news stories. They look for stories that would enable them secure money. Hence, they report fake news in order to get good amount of money.”   

He further stressed the need to provide accurate information to the international community about the situation in a consistent manner so as to repel the impacts of fake news.  

The other Ugandian journalist, Daniel Lutaaya said though there is conflict in the country, the problem is confined in limited areas as it has been reported by the international media.