PM Warns External Forces to Refrain from Interfering in Internal Affairs of Sudan


Addis Ababa October 26/2021 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warned today forces that have little regard for the sovereignty and independent decisions of countries in the region and interfere in the internal affairs of the nations to refrain from their acts.

In his message written in Arabic to the people of Sudan, the premier said Sudanese indigenous knowledge and practices are sufficient enough to uphold the bright future of the Sudanese people by respecting the values of the constitution and realizing the Juba Peace Agreement.

According to him, the government and people of Ethiopia are closely following the situation in Sudan, and this is a result of the long-standing bondage between the two people.

Furthermore, it is derived from the common destiny of the two people and the shared history of the Nile civilization and the values ​​of tolerance, Abiy elaborated.

It is worth remembering that during the difficult period in Sudan’s history, Ethiopia has fulfilled its historic responsibility by working with the African Union (AU) to bridge the gap between the military and the civilian administration and played a role in accordance with the constitution, the premier recalled.

At this time we express our belief and hope that there is a way out of this situation, he said, adding at the same time that he has also concern about the escalation of political differences.

Therefore, the premier stated that Ethiopia reaffirms its full support for the people of Sudan at a time when the Horn of Africa as a whole is facing challenges and the challenges are rising.