Contending Political Parties Urged to Prioritize Cyber Security Issues in Their Agenda


Addis Ababa, October 25, 2021 (ENA)  Information Network Security Agency (INSA) said political parties should work on cyber security as an agenda to prevent the increasing number of cyber-attack attempts at national level.

This was disclosed during a day-long training organized to opposition political party leaders as part of the month long awareness creation program on issues of cyber security.

The training covered the nature of cyberspace, key cybercriminals, vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks, the interest of cyber-attackers and ways to prevent it.

Cyber security ​​is a good opportunity for political parties to easily reach out to their supporters, but it has also had negative effects if it is not adequately managed.

Website, e-mail, social media and other cyber-attacks are said to be possible cyber-attacks on political parties, it was indicated during the occasion.

Due to these attacks, political parties will face defamation, mistrust, loss of confidentiality, destruction of infrastructure and other impacts.

Speaking at the occasion, Deputy Director General of INSA, Yidnekachew Worku said cyber-attacks are on the rise in the world and in Ethiopia as well.

It is increasing by more than 150 percent every year, he said, adding that more than 80 percent of cyber-attacks are caused by a lack of awareness.

He said political parties should work with technology, awareness and practice to protect their organizations and members and work on cyber security as an agenda to protect the country from cyber-attacks.

“As contending political parties are the next leaders of the country, making cyber security as  a national agenda should be their primary job and discussing with you on this issue is crucial in this regard,” Yidnekachew stressed.

Political party leaders who participated in the training for their part said they have gained an understanding of cyber security and its impacts on the country.

The training was organized as part of the ongoing month long awareness creation program organized by INSA with a view to enhancing the national cyber security protection capability.

Workshops, exhibitions, and panel discussions are also part of the month-long cyber security awareness creation program.

Ethiopia has encountered some 2,800 cyber-attack attempts during the last Ethiopian fiscal year (2020/21), it was learned.