Ethiopia to Vaccinate 22 Mil People against COVID-19 Till January


Addis Ababa October 24/2021 /ENA/ Works are Underway to Vaccinate some 22 million people in Ethiopia against COVID-19 till coming January, Ethiopian Public Health Institute disclosed.
Ethiopian Public Health Institute Deputy Director General, Aschalew Abayneh told ENA that besides the appropriate cautious measures it is vital to have the vaccination to prevent the pandemic.

He said that the institute, in collaboration with World Health Organization, Ministry of Health and other stakeholders, is working to vaccinate 22 million people in the country until the month of January.

The nation has so far purchased 10 million doses of Astrazenica, Johnson & Johnson and Sino Pharm, he added.

According to the Director General, more than three million people have already been vaccinated based on their vulnerability to the virus.

During the vaccination campaign security forces, teachers and drivers will be given priority, he said.

“We are working to make the vaccine accessible to all public health facilities,” he said, adding that stakeholders should support the realization of the effort.  

He called on the public to protect themselves and the community with adhering prevention mechanisms and principles of COVID-19 pandemic during social and economic interactions with maintaining physical distance and keeping hygiene.

The number of people infected by the virus in Ethiopia has reached 361,000, according to reports of the Ministry of Health.

So far some 6,333 persons have died due to the pandemic in the country.