Amhara Chief Administrator Calls on Int’l Community to Extend Humanitarian Assistance to Victims


Addis Ababa  October  22/2021 (ENA )Amhara Region Chief Administrator, Yilkal Kefale has called on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance for innocent citizens displaced by the invasion of the terrorist TPLF clique.

The chief administrator held discussion today with a delegation led by US Ambassador to Ethiopia Geeta Pasi about the situation in the region.

Yilkal briefed the delegation about the continued invasion the terrorist group has been carrying out in the regional state.

He informed the delegation about the mass killings, wounding and looting on civilians that have created multiple problems in areas invaded by the group.

Adding fuel to injury, the destruction of government and social service delivery institutions and infrastructure by the terrorist group have exacerbated the problems and made them last long, according to the chief administrator.

He disclosed that many people have been displaced due to the invasion and they are in the temporary shelters in Dessie, Kombolcha, Bahir Dar, Debarq, Ebnat and other places.

A large number of people are now fleeing to other areas in addition to those displaced by the ongoing war waged in South Wollo Zone by the terrorist group.

The TPLF has recently launched fresh attacks on Amhara and Afar regions plundering property and starving children, mothers, and the elderly to death.

The chief administrator told the delegation that citizens were at risk due to in accessibility of relief, food aid and medicine in the occupied territories.

It is sad that the international community has so far ignored the atrocities being perpetrated on  civilians in the region, Yilkal underscored.

He subsequently called on the international community to provide the necessary humanitarian assistance for the innocent victims of the ongoing invasion in the regional state.

The US delegation, which held consultations on how food and medicine could reach the victims, has expressed the need to work together with the federal and regional governments.