Any Attempt that Targets Ethiopia’s Sovereignty, Security “Red Line”: MoFA Spokesperson


Addis Ababa, October 21/2021(ENA) Any attempt that affects the sovereignty and national security of Ethiopia is a “red line,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said today.

Responding to a question raised about the joint military training being conducted by Egypt and Sudan during his weekly media briefing, the spokesperson stated that Egyptian-Sudanese military exercises can be conducted as long as they do not target Ethiopian national security.

As two sovereign states, the countries have the right to conduct any joint operations or even merge.

“As long as the military exercise does not affect Ethiopian sovereignty and Ethiopian security, Ethiopia will not be worried,” Dina underscored.

But what I personaly feel is that a country must first be stable to have a military agreement. However, Sudan is holding joint military training at a time when it lost its port and is using Egypt’s port, he said.

Dina explained that the port of Sudan is idle and the capital city in chaos. “ I don’t know. But still this is their right.”    

Egyptian and Sudanese armed forces have started on Tuesday joint drills in northern Egypt.

The joint military exercise is held at Mohammed Naguib Military Base in the Mediterranean province of Matrouh and will continue until October 29, 2021.