IMF Report Plain Manifestation of Unjust Pressure on Ethiopia: Economist


Addis Ababa, October 21/2021(ENA) The recent unjust report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Ethiopia’s economic growth is a clear manifestation of the well-coordinated pressures on the country, an economist said.

Despite being one of the founders of the United Nations and a symbol of African independence, the international institutions, including the UN, are recently undermining and denying Ethiopia’s long-term contributions.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has not released GDP growth forecast for Ethiopia in its latest World Economic Outlook for the next four years.

The recent report of the IMF on Ethiopia is part of the coordinated pressures on the nation by withholding the country’s GDP growth forecast.

Addis Ababa University Economics lecturer, Birhanu Denu told ENA that the report on Ethiopia is not based on facts on the ground.

The decision to withhold Ethiopia’s economic forecast clearly shows how a country’s economic relations and activities are being decided based only on the political interest of the West, he noted.

The economist cited the commitment of the government to transform the nation’s economy by prioritizing and boosting FDI in its 10-year development plan, adding that such decisions by the IMF targets to negatively impact the country’s ambition.

Despite the conflict in the northern parts of the country which is used as excuse by the fund, the whole nation is not in war. So the explanation is totally unacceptable, Birhanu elaborated.

Rather than withholding the growth forecast, IMF should have provided consultations and ways on what should the country do to sustain its economic growth despite the challenges faced, the economist stated.

He finally urged the government to understand the situation and work hard to promote the nation’s economic opportunities to the international community by exposing the unjust pressure of some Western actors.