Fashion Summit to Promote African Unity Opens in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa, October 20/2021( ENA)The African Fashion Business Summit 2021 aims at promoting African unity within the diversity of culture, clothing, and cousin kicked off today in Addis Ababa.

The four-day Africa fashion reception is a platform for African designers to excel, to work together and to see how they can do business together, it was learned.

Renowned designers from across the continent will take part in the African Fashion Business Summit 2021under the theme “Africa: the New Inspiration for Global Fashion.”

Legendary Gold President, Lexy Mojo-Eyes said the theme is in line with the AU theme of 2021 which is Art, Culture and Heritage.

“In Africa we are one, to show unity in diversity; we may have different borders like Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt, and Central Africa Republic but Africa is one. In our diversity there is a lot of unity among us, so we want to spread that unity,” he noted.

He added that the major goal of Africa Celebrates is to promote oneness in the diverse African dances, music, and cousin.

“What we have in Africa is our rich culture,” Mojo-Eyes stated, and added “let us not lose that.”

African culture is eroded by international influence from the west, he stated, and underscored the need to maintain the culture.