Egyptian Meddling in Internal Affairs of Ethiopia Violates Int’l Principles: Political Analyst


Addis Ababa, October 20/2021( ENA) The interference of Egypt in the internal affairs of Ethiopia through various ways violates the international principle that obliges nations to respect sovereignty of other nations, a political analyst said.

A recent report by Reuters news agency quoted an Egyptian security source as saying that Cairo has asked the United States and some European countries to help it freeze the sale of drones reportedly made between Turkey and Ethiopia, a deal that has never been confirmed by both nations.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian News Agency, the political analyst Mohammed Al-Arousi said the report could be taken as one of the indications that demonstrates Egypt’s desire  to weaken and destabilize Ethiopia by meddling in the internal affairs of the country.

Even if the deal was real, Ethiopia has the full right to make any kinds of deal with other countries which it thinks are best to ensure its national interest, he underscored.

According to him, the attempts being made by the government officials in Egypt is therefore against the sovereign rights of Ethiopia.

“Even if the deal is real, the request made by the Egyptian security officials violates the rights of a sovereign country to strengthen its defense system. Ethiopia has the full right to make deals with other countries for the benefit of its people.”

Mohammed further elaborated that the subsequent governments in Egypt have long been meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia with a view to meeting their interest in the region by weakening the east African nation.   

“The various governments in Egypt had attempted to weaken Ethiopia by several means, including the blocking of the fund for development projects such as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and other major projects in the country,” the analyst revealed.  

The political analyst pointed out that the pressure on Ethiopia to stop the construction of the dam is not because it constitutes harm and instability in the region, but because Ethiopia will grow and prosper and become a political economic power in the African continent.

However, Mohammed stressed that Ethiopia has the right to use its resources and develop by  confronting Egyptian interference.

The political analyst called on the Government in Egypt to refrain from such destructive acts as it would not be beneficial to the entire region and damages Egypt’s reputation in the international fora.  

The best way to the people in the three countries is cooperation and collaboration, he underlined.

“I think Ethiopia needs Egypt and Sudan to be part of its development endeavors,” the analyst underscored.  

Though Ethiopia has been reiterating that the dam would never harm any of the riparian countries, including Egypt, the Government of Egypt has been busy distracting the construction by politicizing and internationalizing the dispute.