TPLF’s Deafening Lies


BY Staff Writer

Terrorist TPLF is an organization formed on slanderous lies and false propaganda, hatred, and a phantasm of greatness that haunted its misinformed members who have blindly followed it outdated dogma and political eclecticism.

For at least three decades, TPLF lied about almost everything under the sun about its own people and the people of Ethiopia.  After 30 years in power, terrorist TPLF subjected 80% of the population in Tigray to safety net programs while most of the leadership have now turned to be billionaires with large coffers and wads of foreign currencies stolen from public funds across the country.

The most interesting part of terrorist TPLF’s lies is that the western media outlets broadcast their lies while the leaders of the western countries quote them as special policy speeches. They have lied to world leaders and have manipulated facts that an ordinary person with sober mind would never swallow.

About three weeks back, the renegade Getachew Redda bragged that terrorist TPLF will over run Addis Ababa and claim a new government. However, in all these days the organization has not managed to move an inch from areas in Amhara region it had previously occupied by force. He claimed that terrorist TPLF forces withdrew from Afar region “ from the respect they had maintained for the people of Afar” while the truth is it was kicked off from the areas it occupied by the joint forces of ENDF, Afar Special Forces and the militia.

How does “respect” make sense when this terrorist organization has cold bloodily massacred over 200 innocent citizens in Afar- Galkoma most of which are children and their mothers waiting for supply of relief food? Blind denial and false assertions can never change the reality on the ground and the Afar people will never forget the atrocities committed on them by the terrorists.

A couple of day’s back Lt. General Tsadikan Gebretinsae declared that his army would soon close in on Addis Ababa and “will usher a major political and diplomatic reversal in the country and the Horn of Africa region” Nothing on the grown could justify his lies. On the contrary, his forces fleeing from the battle front and losing the areas it previously claimed has occupied. The leader of the organization,  Debretsion declared that his army “will totally crash ENDF forces in few days while Getachew Redda shamelessly lied that “almost 80% of the Ethiopian army has been destroyed by TPLF.”  The reality is, the Ethiopian defense forces are now at the peak of  their defense capability as confirmed by the major powers of the world.

It is very interesting to note that western media outlets and their supporters abroad enjoy their lies and happily broadcast them with no need for editing. Terrorist TPLF’s main activist abroad, Stalin Gebreselassie  recently posted a picture of a tank that “was captured by TPLF forces” while in reality the picture was posted by another company that was advertising the tank model for sale.

This shows that terrorist TPLF combines verbal lies with fake posts and doctored video clippings as it has been doing over the past several months. The terrorist organization is first of all lying to the people of Tigray to soothe the public from their worries about their under age children forcefully enlisted in the war and of whom they are not sure if they are dead or alive.

TPLF lies are of two types; Some of their lies about the war and the invincibility of their terrorist force is deliberately planned and aired through their media accompanied with fake video footages along with their press briefings on TV screens marred with total falsehood   The second type of lies are conducted on language lines. For western countries, they prepare footages in English trying to depict that the Ethiopian defense forces are advancing at them and they need all kinds of assistance.  False video footages and news are carefully prepared to boost the morale of the public in the region and to encourage them to enlist their children to the war front.

The other characteristic of lies from terrorist TPLF is that they are repeatedly aired to convince their audience that what they are broadcasting is true and authentic. This tactic was used by Nazi Germany in its bid to cultivate anti-Semitic mentality and attitude against the Jews in Germany and other European countries they have temporarily annexed.

Deliberate and total false rumor mongering among the public in the rural area and urban centers through their activists is a tactic they have repeatedly used to convince the populations in the areas they occupy or plan to occupy.

It is to be recalled that disseminating false propaganda and rumors among the population is one of the major tactics terrorist TPLF used in its 17 years war with the Derge regime. They occupied huge areas particularly in the rural area of northern Ethiopia by simply spreading false rumors and promises which targeted the needs of the rural population.

Deliberate manipulation of facts and misinterpretation official press releases by the government is also one of the ways and means used by terrorist TPLF in attempting to twist public opinions on major national issues.

False propaganda and lies propagated by the terrorist organization also takes the form of ethnic profiling against specific ethnic groups in the country. Terrorist TPLF has been spreading false news in multiple attempts to play one ethnic group against the other. This tactic was widely used to ignite inter-ethnic conflicts in various parts of the country by creating biases and hate based information to emotionally charge them into conflicts and cultivate groundless attitude of animosity among the peoples in the country.    

On the other hand, terrorist TPLF uses news and video clippings from public and commercial media outlets and reinterpret them by quoting parts of news and video materials out of context. They use delays and red tape inn public media information dissemination proactively to disrupt the actual and real content of any piece of information.

Apart from the war front, mainstream media and social media campaigns conducted against terrorist TPLF by individual citizens and groups have proved to be very effective over the past several months. The campaigns need to be further supplemented with deeper diplomatic offensive not only by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but also by multiple professional associations based in Ethiopia and abroad.

Commendable efforts are being made by Ethiopians and citizens of Ethiopian origin in using online campaigns to show the realities in Ethiopia as a means of countering the false and fake media manipulation by terrorist TPLF activists.

Sustained, planned, continuous and proactive and integrated media works by combining the print and electronic media outlets through various local and internationally used languages has been proved to be very effective in shaping public opinion and mobilizing  the people of Ethiopia against terrorist TPLF and its appendages.