EU Parliament Resolution Blind to Reality in Ethiopia, Biased Toward TPLF: Veteran Politician


October 15,2021 (ENA) The recent European Parliament resolution on Ethiopia is biased and does not take into account the reality on the ground, according to a veteran politician.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) Chairman, Professor Beyene Petros explained that individuals, journalists, commentators, politicians and countries from the West had very close relation with the TPLF.

“So, this is not the first time that the parliament and EU passed a resolution on Ethiopia. I am not surprised that it passed such a resolution on Ethiopia,” he added.

The professor noted that Ethiopia is in a new era of transformation. “They, however, do not care about such facts on the ground and they don’t count that the Ethiopian government was very patient with TPLF and used all the available tools to engage and make peace.”  

Since the establishment of the Prosperity Party, the TPLF breached the constitutional mandate and attacked the Northern Command, he stated.  

But the European Parliament passed a resolution on Ethiopia ignoring these and facts like the recent attack of the TPLF on Amhara and Afar regions, the chairman pointed out.

Ignoring the real hard facts like the invasion of the TPLF on neighboring regions, killing of the poor hardworking peasants, destroying properties and institutions, including hospitals, health centers and schools, are among the manifestations of their biased approach on Ethiopia, he elaborated.

Instead of condemning such destructive acts, they talk about the blockade in the area controlled by the TPLF armed forces, and blaming the Ethiopian government for the blockade of humanitarian corridors is a paradox, Professor Beyene underscored.

“This is a very blatant omission. So, Ethiopia has to continue to do what it can do to make peace in the country. The Ethiopian government has so far been consistent in trying to bring about solution for Ethiopian problem,” the chairman noted.

According to him, it is this kind of blind assessment of things in Ethiopia by siding with the TPLF group that caused of the conflict.  

“Ethiopia must ignore this (the resolution) and continue doing with what needs to be done  that is establishing the rule of law in the country, and protect the population from atrocities that  have been perpetuated by the TPLF.”  

Many observers note that the EU Parliament resolution deliberately ignores the fact that the conflict was started by the TPLF clique which attacked unprovoked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force on the 4th of November, 2020.