Ethiopia Gives Priority to African Agenda, Cooperation Among Countries


October 13/2021 (ENA) The Government of Ethiopia will give priority to the successful realization of African agenda, a senior official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

In an exclusive interview he held with ENA in connection with the 39th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union, Protocol Affairs Director-General Feysel Aliy stated that the necessary preparations for the Councils of African Foreign Ministers meeting have been finalized.

The opportunity given to Ethiopia to host this important meeting signifies the country’s priority for African agenda, he said, adding that Ethiopia will continue its effort for the success of the continent.

He also pointed out that the meeting of African Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa will play significant role in building Ethiopia’s image.  

The director-general said Ethiopia has been pioneer in promoting the idea of addressing the  problems of African by Africans, adding that the country will continue with its critical role in the affairs of African agenda.

This is one of the mechanisms by which Ethiopia enhances its longstanding bilateral cooperation with African countries, according to Feysel.

African Ministers of Foreign Affairs are arriving at Addis Ababa to partake in the 39th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union that is expected to kick off tomorrow.

More than 34 foreign affairs ministers are expected to partake in the meeting.