Inclusion of Competing Parties in Cabinets Lays Strong Foundation for Democracy: Scholars


Addis Ababa, October 1/2021(ENA) The participation and involvement of competing political parties in the new city administrations and regional governments will lay foundation for building a strong democracy in Ethiopia, scholars noted.

Although the ruling Prosperity Party was declared winner of the 6th General Election with a majority vote, competing political parties are being appointed to cabinet posts in the various regional states and city administrations.

The inclusion of members of competing parties that lost election is a new trend in Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Civil Service University Public Management Assistant Professor  Desalegn Sherkabu said “the peaceful conclusion of the election and the ongoing participatory process in the formation of new governments is a good foundation for democracy.”  

According to him, “ No nation built democracy overnight. So, we have to work hard with full commitment at all levels for a strong and reliable democracy to be reality.”

Noting that building a reliable democracy is long-term process, he said building inclusive democracy will also take a long time which could be started by one generation and to be fully realized by the coming generation.

The assistant professor, however, urged the government to take the necessary cautions while  appointing personalities from various parties in terms of qualifications.

“The government should avoid power thirsty people and focus on public servants and quality leaders. Don’t include officials for the sake of including,” he warned.

Desalegn further called on the general public to continue standing alongside the legitimate government to sustainably defend the undue foreign pressure on Ethiopia.

For the historian Aysheshim Mulu the participatory approach in forming cabinets and other posts is encouraging.

“I believe inclusiveness is a key part of democratization. When we see the past experiences of the country, the parliament and the cabinet have been dominated by one party. But now the case will be different.”

Aysheshim also stressed that the federal government has to incorporate qualified persons from the various competing parties.

President of the Prosperity Party, Abiy Ahmed had reiterated his party’s commitment that “political parties which withstood the challenges and participated in the democratic process will be allowed to participate in the strong government we form in September.”