PM Abiy Says Ethiopians Hold Election to Complete Country’s Democracy


September 30/2021(ENA)  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopians today have held an election that would complete the country’s democracy.

The Premier stated that those Ethiopians, who had not able to conduct the June 21 election held in the country due to several reasons, have today conducted election that would complete the country’s democracy.

These Ethiopians have fulfilled their national responsibility by casting their ballot to the parties they think are best, the Prime Minister pointed out.

The election was held without any security problems, Abiy stated on Facebook.  

Similarly, the PM said residents of Keffa, Omo, Bench Sheko, Sheka, Dawro zones and Konta special Woreda located in South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State have also conducted referendum today to express the form of regional administration they need.

He extended a congratulatory message to the people who have been able to determine their democratic rights by freely participating in both of the events using their ballots.  

Abiy has also thanked pertinent bodies engaged in the execution of the elections for their efforts to accomplish the tasks in a peaceful and democratic manner.