Elections in Somali, Harari and SNNP Regions Progressing Peacefully: NEBE


September 30/2021(ENA)  The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) said the ongoing national elections in Somali, Harari, and SNNP regions are proceeding peacefully. 

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia Chairperson, Birtukan Mideksa said the voting process is proceeding well with minor problems that are being promptly resolved.

Election materials were checked in the presence of observers before voting started in the polling stations, she added.

However, open ballot box was found at a polling station in Hararai region, the chairperson disclosed.

The voting  in Moyale constituency of Somali region has been suspended as the election officials cited security problem.

Though voters in SNNP region of Gurafarda constituency were not registered because of security problems, they are now being registered and voting at the same time, Birtukan stated.

In addition to the ongoing national election, referendum has been taking place in Guraferda constituency of SNNP region, it was learned.

An election official in Dawro Zone of SNNP region was released from detention as his arrest has no ground, she revealed.

Some 22 political parties and 106 candidates are competing in the election of the three regions.

About 7.6 million voters are expected to cast their votes in 7,054 voting stations.