Regional States in Ethiopia Forming Respective New Regional Governments


September 30/2021(ENA) Regional Councils of Amhara, Gambela, and Sidama regional states today commenced their deliberations to form their respective new governments.

Accordingly, Amhara Regional State Council has elected Dr. Yilikal Kefale as president of the region.

The council has also appointed Fantu Tesfaye as Speaker and Amare Sete Deputy Speaker of Amhara Regional State Council.

Similarly, the council of  Gambela regional state re-elected Omod Ojulu as the president of the region for the next five years.

Gambela Regional Council has also elected Banchiayehu Dingeta as the speaker of the regional council.  

Sidama regional council has for its part formed a new government and re-elected Desta Lendamo as the president of the regional state.

The council appointed Fantaye Kebede as the speaker of the council of Sidama regional state.

During the occasions, the new presidents and council speakers of the regional states pledged to serve the people of their respective regions faithfully and diligently.

The Councils of the regional states have continued their deliberations in Bahir Dar, Hawassa and Gambela cities.

Members of the councils of the three regional states are expected to form new cabinets and appoint other government officials.