Heralding a New Chapter! Ethiopians Are Going to Commission a New Government in Few Days


Heralding a New Chapter!

Ethiopians Are Going to Commission a New Government in Few Days

Spring has come to Ethiopia; the yellow daisies (Adey Abeba) have blossomed covering the hillsides and meadows in the rural areas and towns.

Ethiopia is now groomed with the tantalizing fertility of her land, with shining hopes and aspirations of the nation shrouded in the beauty of the colorful yellow daises which ushered the end of the rainy season and the coming of new year with bright spring covered with eye catching colorful beauty of the spring season.

Ethiopian mountains, hillsides and valleys are adorned with green colors depicting new hopes and aspirations in the bright New Year. We all cherish the inception of September with renewed hope and jubilation as the tribulations, the dark and chilly days of the rainy season give into the natural beauty of September.

This September we are going to commission a new government. It is to be noted that Ethiopia was plunged into a huge challenge right after the nation has shattered the burden that has befallen on the people for decades.

The nation that has been craving for peace and development was put into a turmoil hatched by villains and conspirators. As the result, thousands have perished. They were denied of their feelings for love and unity. Those whom we deployed with blessings and trust for ascertaining our territorial integrity and unity have betrayed overnight, were slain and forced to sip the cups of death. They were subjected to the most unforgettable agony by those for whom they were in guard for their safety.

We have witnessed the daily rampage of boundless terror. Children have been mercilessly massacred. The elderly, religious fathers, mothers and the youth were slain in cold blood. Women have been raped; the family fabric has been shattered. Even domestic animals were gunned down in untold cruelest manner. Over the last three years, terrorist TPLF has committed all kinds of atrocities against the people of Ethiopia in much the same resemblance to the agony of the dark rainy season. However, the people of Ethiopia have successfully swatted all their machination and conspiracies with the necessary level of wisdom.

Terrorist TPLF has left no stone upturned to deny and frustrate their efforts of all Ethiopians to form their own government. The terrorist organization has labored from dawn to dusk in cooperation with some other countries to crash the Ethiopians efforts to form their own credible government. Mixing an illegal call for formation of a transition government and at times denying the existence of any government in the country and even declared to go to hell in order to achieve its distractive plans and to do all it can to destabilize the country, disrupt their unity and ultimately destroy the statehood of the nation. However, on June 21, 2021, this was totally reversed.

The people of Ethiopia have vividly expressed their strong zeal for their unity and identity by casting their ballots in a clear demonstration of the popular desire of the nation. They demonstrated their unity at the polling stations by casting their ballots in an unprecedented admiration from the international community of nations.

With a remarkable patience and tolerance in the dark nights and cold breeze, the people of Ethiopia casted their ballots for those candidates they wanted to elect. Everything went well and smooth. Even in the season of hardship and challenges, the people of Ethiopia have successfully managed to elect the party that could form a new government. The competing parties endorsed the outcomes of the national election.

Those who hoped to witness, chaos and civil disturbances were forced to give in. The formation of a new government will take place after a couple of days. The people of Ethiopia are going to form a new government surrounded by the beauty of the yellow daises that have carpeted the entire country foretelling their optimism in their future successes. Ethiopians will usher a new chapter in their history in their ascendance to a new era leaving behind the dark seasons they have to endure.