Sanction Brings No Solution to Problems in Ethiopia: S. Sudanese FM


Addis Ababa  September 29/2021 (ENA) Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of South Sudan Mike Edeng said sanction could not be a solution to solve the problems in Ethiopia.
The newly appointed South Sudanese minister made the remark during his discussion with Ethiopia’s ambassador to South Sudan Nabil Mahdi, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the occasion, ambassador Nabil has extended a congratulatory message to the Minister sent from Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen.

Ambassador Nabil briefed the Minister about the current situation in Tigray region, the recently conducted general elections in the country, the GERD negotiation and the Ethio-Sudan border dispute.

The Ambassador expressed Ethiopia’s commitment to further strengthen support for South Sudan, particularly in the areas of capacity building and infrastructure development.

South Sudanese Foreign Affairs Minister and International Cooperation Minister for his part said that sanctions will not bring any solution to the problems in Ethiopia.

He also stated that the government of Ethiopia has the capacity to address its own internal problems by its own.

The Minister expressed his country’s strong confidence in the activities of the Ethiopian peacekeeping forces and commended the Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, for his commitment to ensuring peace in the country.

He further stressed the need to give a great deal of attention to enhance ties between the two countries especially in infrastructure and economic integration.