Video Exposes TPLF’s Plan to Continue with War


Addis Ababa September 28/2021 (ENA) In their recent media briefing, persons who claim to be the military leaders of the terrorist organization have officially declared their readiness to drag Ethiopia into a prolonged military confrontation.

“The preparation we have been making transcends time,” they said, adding that military preparations are underway.

The group has officially declared its determination to keep on enlisting child soldiers to continue the war.

Sources have in the meantime are revealing that the deployment of children into the war and forcing the public to support the war efforts are unleashing opposition on the part the people.

This has reportedly resulted in the escalation of disagreements and fratricidal killings between those who want the group to quit terroristic acts and others who want to continue with the terroristic rampage.

The media briefing of the “military leaders” is related to this leakage of information.

During the briefing they went a long way to cover up their defeat by disseminating the propaganda “that the organization has attained diplomatic, legal, moral and public support as well as in building military capability.”

Attempting to depict the effort of the government to ascertain the existential campaign, they falsely claimed that it “targets to destroy the people of Tigray but has failed and reached higher level as a result of the protracted struggle of the people.”  

Sources from the region had indicated that despite the futile attempt and lies to depict the actions of the terrorist forces as “sacrifices being paid by the people of Tigray,” the public is showing its dissatisfaction and anger through rallies and demonstrations in different zones of Tigray region.