External Interference to Hinder Democratic Process in Ethiopia Unacceptable: A Scholar


Addis Ababa (ENA) september 27/2021 External interference and pressure to hinder the democratic developments being witnessed in Ethiopia will not be acceptable, a scholar underlined.
It is to be recalled that the  6th round of general election held on the 21 of June in Ethiopia was acclaimed for its peaceful conduct, great number of voters’ turnout, and democratic manner.  

Scholars said that the result of the June election in Ethiopia signifies citizen’s interest which they think is best for the overall future fate of the nation.

This democratically demonstrated national interest of Ethiopians should be recognized by all members of the international community.

Speaking to ENA, Social Anthropology lecturer at Mizan Tepi University Abeje Memberu said everybody have to welcome the new government of Ethiopia since it is witnessed that the election was democratic by all standards except few irregularities.

“The democratic government gets legitimacy by the people it is elected; so the new government of Ethiopia that is going to be established soon is democratically elected by the large majority of Ethiopians,” he noted.

Any external interference and pressure to hinder this democratic developments in Ethiopia is not acceptable, the scholar said, adding that the legitimacy of the government should come from Ethiopians as sovereignty is vested in the hands of the Ethiopian people.  

However, the new government is expected to do a lot in ensuring peace and security, enhancing the unity of the people, eradicating corruption, establishing real federal structure, transforming the economy of the country, among others, he underscored.

He further suggested that the new government has to set strategies of meritocracy to ensure development, equality and equity in the country.