U.S Pressure on Ethiopia Unjust and Callous: Members of Oromo Ethiopian Diaspora


Addis Ababa September 25/2021 (ENA) The pressure that the United States is putting on Ethiopia is unfair and callous, according to members of the Oromo Ethiopian Diaspora attending the inauguration of the new Oromia regional government.

The diaspora who came to Ethiopia to attend the establishment of a new government in Oromia region said the U.S has been trying to undermine Ethiopia because the country is on the path of prosperity.

Korso Koji, who came from the Ohio State of America, said the whole world has been witnessing that the stand of the United States of America against Ethiopia is wrong.

They were sending things not useful for Ethiopia in the form of aid and taking lots of things from the country, he added.

According to him, the Americans are putting pressure on the government now because of their secretive link with TPLF.

“The Diaspora is now united. In the past, they were divided along ethnic lines. But now they have broken the American sentiment and are standing in solidarity. We have been holding peaceful protests against the U.S Administration and I hope we will do more to help the country in the future.”

The United States of America is putting pressure on Ethiopia because it is not happy with the changes taking place in Ethiopia. It wants African countries to stay under the United States and I think the new government will make a big difference in that regard, Korso noted.

The other member of the diaspora from same state, Jemal Hassen called on all Ethiopian to  come together and create the best Ethiopia for all Ethiopians.

“My fellow Ethiopian for how long are we going to let the Western nations lead us and colonize us… absolutely not, we have to come together to create the best Ethiopia. If Western nations are going to negotiate with us, of course we have to sit down and communicate with them; but never let them colonize us. They want to colonize Ethiopia directly or indirectly, that is the message I give to Ethiopians,” Jemal underscored.      

TPLF does not care about human beings and the success of Ethiopia but badly wants to remain in power at the expense of people, he pointed out.

According to Jemal, the TPLF fomented ethnic and religious conflicts for over 27 years while in power. Ethiopians will never allow those atrocities of TPLF to come back as long as they are alive.

The other member of diaspora from Minnesota State of the U.S, Markos Bekuto said “we have been following the situation in Ethiopia for a long time now; and we have fought against the pressure on the country.“

He believes that this is a very historic moment for Ethiopia. “The Ethiopian people as a whole have always been against the previous regime. There is a view that the current government will stand up for the people by alleviating the country’s security and problems. What we expect from this government is that it seeks to equalize the people and formulate a desire and strategy to bring the people out of poverty.”

Markos urged the new leaders to use their political power for the benefit of the people, not themselves.