President Urges Citizens to Play Part in Rehabilitating Displaced People


Addis Ababa September 25/2021 (ENA) President Sahlework Zewde has urged all citizens to contribute their share to the effort of rehabilitating displaced compatriots.

The president visited today displaced people from North Wollo and Waghimra zones of Amhara region sheltered in Dessie and wounded members of the National Defense Force receiving treatment in Desssie General Specialized Hospital.

During the occasion, the president pointed out that war incurs huge loss in all spheres of life.

The war has displaced several innocent people, including children and women from their homes, she noted, adding that the displaced had gone through difficult journey to arrive in Dessie.

“We have seen the existing situation and predicaments of the displaced. Integrated and close efforts will be exerted in collaboration with pertinent bodies to solve the problems of displaced,” the president added.

She called on all to play their part in rehabilitating permanently the displaced people by ensuring peace in their localities.

Commending the humanitarian support and hospitality being provided for the displaced by the residents of Dessie, Sahlework urged the inhabitants of the town to continue their enhanced support to the victims.

While visiting wounded members of the defense force in Desssie General Specialized Hospital, the president thanked members of the National Defense Force who have been sacrificing their precious lives for the sovereignty of the country.

She also thanked the health professionals for the 24 hours service they have been providing to help the victims of war.

There are reportedly more than 350,000 IDPs sheltered in Dessie city of the Amhara region.