Foreign Pressure to Revive Terrorist TPLF Stems from Underestimating Voters in Ethiopia: New MPs


Addis Ababa September 24/2021 (ENA) The foreign pressure to revive the terrorist TPLF emanates from contempt to the voice of Ethiopian voters in the general election, members of 6th House of People’s Representatives (HPR) said.

Many observers of the 6th General Election, including former Nigerian President and Head of the African Union’s Election Observer Mission in Ethiopia, Olusegun Obasanjo, reported that  the election in June was conducted “in an orderly, peaceful and credible manner.”

All sections of the society also came out in droves to cast their votes in the nation’s first free and fair election, expressing their desire for a democratic and peaceful country. 

Prosperity Party was elected to lead the country for the next five years. Accordingly, the party is entrusted with the responsibility of forming new government early next month.

However, pressure from the Western powers has been building in an effort to revive the TPLF conflict enterprise  and obstruct the establishment of a new government.

In this connection, some members of 6th House of People’s Representatives told ENA that Westerners are turning their back on the legitimately elected government and pushing for the return of the terrorist TPLF in the Ethiopian political scene. 

 According to Dima Negewo,  the Westerners are more concerned about Ethiopia than the crisis in Yemen because of their interest.

Noting that terrorist TPLF has been thrown out of the Ethiopian body politics through with sacrifice, Dima underlined that any attempt to revive the oppressive group by the Westerners is unacceptable and will not succeed.

These forces are working hard to bring back the TPLF, which is protecting their interests, he noted, adding that this would not be achieved.

Another member of the House, Christian Tadele said the Ethiopian parliament has designated TPLF as a terrorist group, which is a proper decision. Thus, foreign pressure to return the terrorist TPLF to power means supporting and encouraging terrorism.

As the West never negotiates with groups they consider terrorists, they should be aware of the  Ethiopian situation with the same perspective, Christian noted.

“Ethiopia and its people are governed by the laws and international conventions that the country has accepted. In this regard, the TPLF has been branded a terrorist by the country’s parliament and such effort to bring this terrorist group back to power has to be considered as encouraging terrorism. So far as no country in the world has negotiated with a terrorist group, Ethiopia will not negotiate with a terrorist group.”

He further said, “We do not expect this from countries that claim to be committed to  human rights and democracy.”

Berhanemeskel Tena agreed that the foreign  pressure to return the terrorist group to power is a result of disregard to Ethiopians. He called on all compatriots to strengthen their unity and bury the terrorist group.

Another member of the HPR, Muslima Rashid said westerners have been putting unnecessary pressure on Ethiopia. They want to impress on us that they know better what is good for us.

She noted that Ethiopians are vigilant and keeping a close eye on what is happening in their country.

This is not appropriate and it has to be clear that the Ethiopian people will not succumb to such pressures, Muslima stated, adding that it is now clear that the people are alert and the government working hard to strengthen democracy.  

Many Ethiopians are outraged by the US President Joe Biden unwarranted pressure against the government in favor of the terrorist group which is killing civilians and looting public and private properties.