UNICEF to Support Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Agency in Capacity Building


Addis Ababa,  September 23/2021 (ENA)  UNICEF’s Supply Division Director Etleva Kadilli disclosed that her organization will support the Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Agency (EPSA) in capacity building to help materialize its vision.

The agency in its 10-year plan has envisioned construction of a mega warehouse that requires support of partners.

After visiting EPSA ware house in the capital city today, Etleva Kadilli told ENA that UNICEF will support the agency in capacity building, including in the designing of the mega warehouse to help achieve its vision.

 “We will collaborate and support EPSA and we will be sharing already our knowledge and as well as with design and trying to help take this vision forward,” she said.

According to her, UNICEF’s support to the agency in capacity building and knowledge transfer, especially in emergency response and center of excellence designing will help the agency materialize its visions of souring, procurement, delivery and addressing emergency.

“We are very excited to strengthen our work together,” Etleva Kadilli further said adding that ‘We are happy to transfer our knowledge and to build their capacity.”

Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Agency Deputy Director, Tesfalem Adraru said his agency prioritizes capacity building support on emergency response and mega ware house building.

“UNICEF is well experienced on emergency response world-wide, especially during conflicts,” he noted adding that “So we want it to share us this experience and support us in capacity building,” he said.

The agency also wants UNICEF support in designing and building a mega ware house and improve the quality of the scattered ware houses across the country, he pointed out.

He added that the designing of the mega ware house will be completed this year and requires UNICEF’s support both in the designing and construction.