UNICEF Pledges to Scale Up Response, Deliver Lifesaving Supplies For IDPs in Amhara Region


Addis Ababa,  September 23/2021 (ENA)  The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said it will provide support for internally displaced people in Amhara region due to attacks by the terrorist TPLF.

UNICEF delegation led by UNICEF Representative in Ethiopia, Adele Khodr, and UK’s Special Envoy Nick Dyer visited IDP camps and Dessie Hospital in Dessie town of Amhara region to assess the nutritional and health status of women and children impacted by the conflict.

During the visit, Dessie Mayor Abebe Gebremeskel said the terrorist group which invaded  the Amhara and Afar regions is committing inhumane acts against the people and looting properties.

More than 300,000 displaced people are currently found in 15 temporary shelters in Dessie and its environs, he added, noting that they are in dire situation and in need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

The mayor stated that there is huge gap in provision of assistance for the IDPs due to the large number of victims although the government, aid agencies and individuals are exerting efforts to provide humanitarian and material assistance to the displaced.

Large number of people in North Wollo and its environs is suffering from lack of food and medical treatment, he revealed.

Abebe called on all humanitarian organizations and Ethiopians to understand the scale of the problem and provide humanitarian assistance for those in need.

UNICEF Representative in Ethiopia, Adele Khodr said on her part it was disturbing to hear children, mothers and others who had arrived after traveling for three days on foot.

“We talked to some displaced people who arrived over the past few days and I learned that  some of them have walked for three days on foot to reach where they are. It is very sad, especially for children and mothers who are pregnant and lactating,” she explained.

Khodr said UNICEF is working with government and partners to scale up response and deliver lifesaving supplies and services.

Moreover, she added that UNICEF has done a lot of work in Amhara region to help the displaced.

“In the Amhara region we have done a lot of work and I myself visited Debarq about a month ago. I have looked at the situation of the displaced people there. What we are providing are some medical kits to health centers as support for people displaced from North Gondar.”

According to her, UNICEF has supplied around two million USD for malnourished children and it will work to mobilize more resources to support the displaced.

More than 500,000 people have been displaced in the Amhara and Afar regions due to attacks by the destructive force TPLF.