China Critical to Ethiopia’s Development, Minimize Undue External Pressures: Diplomat


Addis Ababa,  September 23/2021 (ENA) Diplomatic relations with China is critical to promote Ethiopia’s economic development and minimize undue pressure of external powers on Ethiopia, the Deputy Head of Mission at Ethiopian Embassy in China said.

The deputy head, Dawano Kedir told ENA that China is strategically a critical country to transform the development of Ethiopia to a higher level.

However, a lot has to be done to further strengthen the relations between the two countries, he added.

According to him, China has been a great partner of Ethiopia in trade, investment, and development assistance to the country.

Dawano said if we closely work with China, Ethiopia will benefit a lot from China as it is a great nation that has a capacity and interest to support Ethiopia economically and politically.

He further stressed that China has been a great ally of Ethiopia in terms of economic and political support. 

China is one of the strong allies of Ethiopia politically and it strongly supports the efforts to maintain the unity, integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia, Dawano noted.

China has provided critical support to the country and firmly stands alongside Ethiopia in defending interference of foreign powers in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia, the deputy head elaborated.

He stated that China strongly supports Ethiopia in defending it against undue external pressure in its internal affairs as Ethiopia is a great country that can handle its own internal affairs.

Dawano further noted that Ethiopia and China have also good people-to-people relations.