Security Challenges in Ethiopia Opportunities to Overthrow Federal Gov’t: Leaked TPLF Document


September 18,2021 (ENA) The recently leaked TPLF strategy designed to disintegrate Ethiopia described the security challenges that had been observed in several parts of the country over the past three years as good opportunities to realize its goal of overthrowing the federal government.

It is to be recalled that the federal government had been blaming TPLF for the security crisis, displacement and other social and economic chaos that the country experienced over the last three years.

Government sources reported over 100 major conflicts fully sponsored by the terrorist TPLF across the nation during the stated period.

The terrorist TPLF document entitled “The Development of Unique Stages of the Struggle and Strategies, Tactics and Directions of Our Next Resistance (Volume 2)” details the four strategies the group planned to use to disintegrate the country.

Using anti-peace elements engaged in destabilization activities in several parts of the country is one of the strategies indicated in the leaked TPLF document.

The document also stresses the need to enhance collaboration with anti-peace elements located in several regional states of the country to meet its objectives by fueling disturbances and conflicts in regions.   

There are opportunities that help to overthrow the government by supporting anti-peace elements in Oromia, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambela, Amhara and other regions in Ethiopia, according to the document.   

It further continues with its mistaken conclusion that there are many groups which wish to work in collaboration with TPLF to overthrow the federal government.     

The document added that the struggle will continue under the leadership and coordination of TPLF by giving the war a national picture.  

It also stressed the need to regroup the anti-peace elements dispersed all over the country.

According to the leaked document, the date set to overthrow the federal government was the year 2013 in Ethiopian calendar. Ethiopians are now in the middle of the first month of 2014.  

The document alleges that since the use of peaceful mechanisms to meet demands has been closed long time ago opposition groups have also been making preparations to intensify their struggle.  

It claimed that demands for democracy, peace and recognition of ones identity have been key elements that could be exploited to intensify the struggle and remove the government forcefully.