TPLF Loots Close to 25 Million Birr Worth Agricultural Products from ECX Warehouses


Addis Ababa, September 16/2021(ENA) The terrorist group TPLF has looted 24.9 million Birr worth agricultural products from warehouses located in the Amhara region, the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange Authority disclosed today.

The consignment agricultural products kept in two of the warehouses, out of the 27 warehouses  in various parts of the country, were looted by the terrorist group.

Commodity Exchange Authority Director-General, Olero Upiew told ENA today that the terrorist group looted over 4,822 quintals of agriculture products kept on consignment in two separate warehouses located in Shiraro and Humera.

This evil act affects not only ECX and the farmers but also the overall economic activity of the country, he added.

According to Olero, the terrorist group had also destroyed significant amount of the products  stored in the warehouses.

In addition to the looting and destruction of the agricultural produces, the terrorist group had demolished the warehouses to harm farmers who give their products to ECX on consignment, he noted.

Ethiopia Commodity Exchange Authority is engaged in ensuring the development of an efficient modern trading system by improving market efficiency, linking smallholder farmers to markets, encouraging reliable trading relationships, and increasing market information.