Benefit Corporation for Africa, Coffee Cooperatives Unions Sign MoU to Benefit Farmers


Addis Ababa September 15/2021 (ENA) Benefit Corporation for Africa (BCA) and five Ethiopian coffee grower cooperative unions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that aims at shortening the supply chain and ensuring benefits of farmers.

During the MoU signing ceremony between Sidama, Yirgachefe, Oromia, Limunaria and Ketamudiga coffee farmers cooperative unions and BCA today, Trade and Industry State Minister Misganu Arega said coffee makes the lion’s share of Ethiopia’s main export crop contributing to the livelihood of 6 million smallholder farmers and 25 million people directly or indirectly engaged in coffee business.

Ethiopia exported 900 million USD worth coffee and close to 25 percent of the total export last Ethiopian fiscal year, he added.

According to the state minister, the homegrown economic reform along with a number of interventions implemented in the coffee sector has played a crucial role, particularly in improving linkage between farmers, suppliers and exporters.

Ethiopian farmers produce the finest coffee, Misganu noted, further revealing that “it is safe to say that they receive one of the lowest prices of all growers globally and struggle to make their livelihood.”

He pointed out that the Ethiopian Diaspora can play a pivotal role in promoting Ethiopian products and expanding market access for products such as coffee.

Benefit Corporation for Africa Co-founder and CEO, Tebabu Assefa said on his part “an opportunity to compete will be lost unless we sell our image, expand market, seize the opportunity, create the infrastructure and provide our hard working farmers.”

The CEO added that the signing of the MoU signifies the birth of the idea Benefit Cooperation that aspires to leverage the power of business but advance the greater good socially, economically and environmentally.

“If we can come together with the bigger vision for the greater good, Africa has hope,” Tebabu emphasized.