“White Envelop Flood to White House” Movement Gains Momentum


September 14, 2021 (ENA) Youths engaged in the “White Envelop Flood to White House” Movement have vowed to do whatever is required of them to make the international community understand the terrorist TPLF group and condemn its sinister plot to destroy Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa youths who joined the “White Envelop Flood to White House” Movement have expressed their determination to expose the atrocities being committed by the terrorist TPLF to the international community.

The youths said that they are taking part in the movement to show the reality on the ground in Ethiopia and reveal the truth about the terrorist TPLF and its destructive actions.

They reminded the international community to realize that the terrorist group’s goal is in sum “after me, the deluge.” 

To this effect, about 5 million youths are collecting signatures for the “White Envelop Flood to White House.”

Among the youth who joined the movement, Zelalem Mekesha said “we write the letter in our names and it is addressed to the White House. The signed letter will be sent to Joe Biden Administration.”

The female participant, Hiwot Fantahun, noted that she believes the movement will have impact on the international community.

The other youth, Muliye Waqjira said “we are undertaking this movement to also serves as  voices of not only our country but also the Tigrayan youth who have become victims of the terrorist group. Youths of Tigray region are dying prematurely. We want to save and save the country. We want this to be heard by the Joe Biden Administration.”

The youths have expressed their readiness to fulfill their responsibilities by informing the international community about the reality in Ethiopia.

The movement, which is one of the ways to save the country, called on other young people to take part and stand by their country.

Another participant in the campaign, Habtamu Zergaw called on all Ethiopians to participate in the campaign to raise the awareness of the international community about the country and the present situation.  

“I am happy to take part in this campaign. I am of course obliged to participate in a campaign to defend our nation. This kind of thing should not be left for a single institution. All citizens who love and wish good for their country must participate in the campaign.”  

It is to be recalled that a national youth movement that aims at exposing the conspiracy of the terrorist TPLF to disintegrate the country was officially launched on Monday at a national level.

Some 5 million youth are expected to participate in the campaign across the nation that will take place until September 25th 2021.