Ethiopian Ambassador Discusses with Tanzania’s African Affairs Director-General


Addis Ababa September 13/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Tanzania Yonas Yosef has held discussion with Tanzania’s Director General of African Affairs Naimi Aziz.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Office, the ambassador and general-director have discussed on current affairs of Ethiopia and bilateral relations of the countries.

During the occasion, the causes of the conflict in northern Ethiopia, the measures taken by the government to enforce law, humanitarian crisis and issues related to human rights were  discussed in detail.

The ambassador expressed his country’s desire to move the agreements signed between the countries on different occasions in order to strengthen the relations between the nations in to a higher level.

Naimi Aziz on his part said the Tanzanian government closely follows Ethiopia’s current situation and expressed his hope that the problem would be settled peacefully.

Regarding bilateral relations, he added, Tanzania is one of the countries that has historical ties with Ethiopia and his office will work on strengthening the relations.