PM Abiy Says Ethiopia Enjoys Independence because It Repelled Enemies over Centuries


Addis Ababa September 10/2021 (ENA)  Prime Minister Abiy said Ethiopia has been enjoying its independence for centuries as a result of the struggles it made with the numerous enemies it encountered.

The premier made the remark in his New Year message conveyed today.

The prime minister stated that Ethiopia had been tried for several occasions, but had never been defeated.  

Those who attempt to challenge Ethiopia are those who don’t know the country, Abiy said, adding that they don’t understand that Ethiopia is a country that had lived for centuries  independently.

It is not because there were no enemies that the country enjoyed independence. It is not because the world powers were kind for the country. It is because the country defeated them all, the premier noted.

PM Abiy said Ethiopia will sustain its unity, enhance democratic values and make the ongoing reform successful during the New Year.