In’l Commission on Futures of Education Validates its Final Report


Addis Ababa September 10/2021 (ENA) The International Commission on the Futures of Education, chaired by President Sahle Work Zewde, validated its final report, entitled “remaining our future together a new social contract for education” according to office of the president.

Following the 1972 Faure report learning to Be and the 1996 Delors report Learning, this is the third in a series of global reports commissioned by UNESCO.

The objective of the report is to grapple with the challenges to the future of education posed by a world of increasing inequality, uncertainty, and interdependence.

The Commission, which is the first to be Chaired by a woman and a person from the Global South, is comprised of renowned education experts from all over the world and will present its report at the November 2021 UNESCO General Conference.

UNESCO’s Futures of Education initiative aims to rethink education and shape the future, it was learned.  

The initiative is catalyzing a global debate on how knowledge, education and learning need to be re imagined in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and precocity.