Tigrayan Opposition Parties Urged to Challenge Misconception of Foreign Forces


Addis Ababa, September 9/2021(ENA) Tigrayan opposition political parties need to work together to challenge the misconception of foreign forces which seem to have confused democracy and personal relationship with TPLF, Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Chairperson Aregawi Berhe said.

The chairperson told ENA that although there are several Tigrayan opposition parties they are not working together to help the people of Tigray come out of misery and suffering.

“TPLF has never cared about the welfare of the ordinary people of Tigray. They have been obsessed with their party alone.”

The opposition parties have not also done much, not even little to mitigate the situation in Tigray, he said, adding that they have not come together to alleviate the challenges the Tigray people have face at this critical time, the chairperson stated.

Aregawi noted that it is natural for parties to have political and ideological differences. However, they can cooperate on common issues and about how they can resolve the problems of Tigray.

“There is a great need from the people of Tigray and the political parties to come together to challenge the misconception of foreign forces who seem to confuse formal democracy and personal relationship. Now, the US administration is engaged in both formal diplomacy as well as personal relationship which has been there during the TPLF,” the chairperson explained.

According to him, the international community has its interests and each nation its own individual interests. The Westerners always pursue and look for the government leaders who serve their interests. Obviously, the TPLF was a subservient group which served the interests of the some Western countries and the US government.

“Now after it was pushed from power, the US administration and some Western countries didn’t like this. They want to bring back the subservient group TPLF to power,” he revealed.

Ethiopia is now in transition and a government is elected. But the US and European governments are trying in the name of negotiation to involve the terrorist organization TPLF in the government, Aregawi pointed out.

“They are trying to pursue their own interests. That is why things are getting complicated.”

The chairperson stressed: “We need to expose the double-standards of USA and European administrations. International agreements and laws do not allow, for example, the involvement of children in war. Everybody knows that the TPLF has been recruiting children as soldiers and pushing them to fight a regular Ethiopian army. ”

Aregawi urged Western countries to come to their senses and respect international law and have clear stand on human rights devoid of partiality and not looking for some subservient group.