Terrorist TPLF’s Famine Propaganda is Back to Square One



Terrorist TPLF is the most parasitic terrorist organization that is established on lies and has existed for more than four decades lying to every one under the sun. Regrettably enough, it had its own clients that were buying its news using them as beat or break news to generate fund for their news commercialism. Heeding to the fictitious propaganda of this terrorist seemed to pay off in the short run.  However, due to the relentless struggle of our heroic sons and daughters on the media here and abroad, western media outlets are being forced to accent on news in Ethiopia through the pressure of the power of news. They have been writing on false lamentations that terrorist TPLF has been fabricating.

Major international news outlets including the BBC, AFP, France 24, AP, Aljazeera, Washington Post, New York Times and prominent western journalists are starting to say a spade is a spade. They are already coming up with news on mass genocide, destruction and lootings being conducted in Northern and South Wollo, North and South Gondar of Amhara Region and Fenti- Resu Zone in the Afar Region, specifically in Chinna, Agamsa, Galikoma and several other districts in South Wollo. These international news companies are expected to tell the international community on the main cause of food shortage in Tigray and who is actually causing this.

And now, being the major cause of food shortage and untold socio-economic crisis in the region, terrorist TPLF is trying to fan a wave of false propaganda on famine in Tigray. This shameless organization of terrorists is already busy snatching food from the mouth of needy children and mothers in Tigray but at the same time getting ready to once again spread false propaganda on food aid while in actual fact it is responsible for the food shortage in the region. Terrorist TPLF has recently looted UNICEF warehouses in Amhara Region but now claims that food ration meant for a beneficiary is being shared with 10 persons.

The truth is terrorist TPLF has continued to block uninterrupted food supply jointly conducted by the federal government, Afar Region and the WFP. It is to be noted that terrorist TPLF has conducted continuous attacks on the restive region of Afar killing more than 200 lives and destroying public amenities like clinics, food warehouses and schools. The terrorist TPLF has also massacred more than 100 civilians, including children and elders, in Chinna Teklehaimanot Kebele of Amhara region. According another information, the number of people massacred by the group has increased to more than 200 according to eye witnesses. Facing daily defeats on the battleground in at least 6 fronts in Amhara Region, terrorist TPLF is attacking innocent civilians as a revenge.

And now shifting to fanning another round of lies about death from lack of food aid in Tigray. An unwarranted outcry on the crime in which terrorist TPLF is the culprit. The group is well known for fabricating anything it thinks are best to realize it lust for political power. Cyber Power Tigray, Tigray Online, Dimpse Woyane and other social media outlets are now busy preparing doctored video clippings and pictures that seem to show the famine situation in Tigray. They are trying to flare up an international outcry by fomenting a propaganda campaign to discredit efforts underway by the Ethiopian Government, WFP and other international humanitarian organizations that are operating in Tigray.

Right at its formation in 1975, a period of heightened famine in Tigray, terrorist TPLF was forcing communities in Tigray to contribute food for its guerrilla fighters who heavy depended on the meager food resources that was not enough for the needy population in the region.

In the 1984-1985 period in which food shortage has tacked entire provinces in Northern Ethiopia, terrorist TPLF troops were confiscating and selling relief food that was transported to the region via Sudan. Terrorist TPLF also manipulated the activities of aid agencies in diverting food and material resources meant for the beneficiaries in Tigray. A number of relief workers operating for international aid agencies were killed in a cross fire between the Ethiopian army and terrorist TPLF forces.

Today, terrorist TPLF is repeating the same vandalism that it had conducted in 1975 and 1984, killing aid workers and looting warehouses filled with food supply for beneficiaries in Amhara and Tigray Regions. The food politics and propaganda that is being hatched by terrorist TPLF is one of the three elements of the strategy recently prepared by the terrorist organization to persuade the international community to exert more pressure on the government of Ethiopia to open a leeway to a corridor in western Tigray to siphon in any aid material that comes from those who wish to elongate the war in Tigray and Amhara Regions.

The entire scenario is being prepared to enable western countries and the UN systems to interfere into the internal affairs of the country by attempting to reverse the new political order under formation in the country and establishment of a new government that is based on the decisions of the peoples of Ethiopia. This they think is possible only when terrorist TPLF is restored to the political powerhouse in Ethiopia.  

Terrorist TPLF is still forcing thousands of child soldiers and even pregnant women into the war front to remain in power in Tigray upon the blood of innocent citizens in Tigray. While terrorist TPLF is already losing ground at the front, it is now resorting to false and baseless propaganda expecting to lure western governments and their media. However, gone are the days of chivalry. Ethiopia will soon establish a new government on the death bed of terrorist TPLF whose days are counted.