Safaricom Telecom Ethiopia Gears Up for Commercial Launch


Addis Ababa Sebtember 3/2021 (ENA) Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc is making preparations for commercial launch as it plans to invest 8.5 billion USD over the coming 10 years and contribute to digital Ethiopia objectives.

Briefing the media today, Safaricom Plc Chief Executive Officer Peter Ndegwa said the Global Partnership Consortium for Ethiopia is proud to invest in Ethiopia.

The CEO thanked the Government of Ethiopia and other key partners for their support in the initial preparation for commercial launch.

“Such partnerships are the building blocks of digital transformation, and I would like thank all our partners for their support as we work towards enabling our commercial launch and contribution to digital Ethiopia as a purpose-led technology company,” he stated.

Safaricom Ethiopia Managing Director, Anwar Moussa said on his part that the preparations for commercial launch, notably the ongoing recruitment process of Ethiopians nationals, is intentionally guided by the promise of a digital future for the people of Ethiopia.

By June next year Safaricom Ethiopia aims to build a team of 1,000 employees driven by innovation and digital solution, Anwar revealed.   

Additionally, the company is set to recruit 450 graduates over the next three years into a global development program dubbed Discover Graduate Management Program.

The managing director said, “We believe young people are the key to delivering the digital Ethiopia ambitions and with our Global Discover Graduate Management Program, we will create a pool of talent of digital innovators who will grow with the business to achieve this.”

Meanwhile, Safaricom Telecommunications Plc Ethiopia has announced members of its Executive Committee (EXCO) today.  

The Safaricom-led Global Partnership for Ethiopia (GPE) Consortium that won a bid to roll out telecommunications services in Ethiopia in May this year has been granted a 15-year operating license by the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA).

The consortium, which is 56 percent owned by Safaricom, has in turn registered Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc for a period of 15 years, with an option of renewal for additional 15 years.