Very Heavy Rainfall Forecasted in Northern Ethiopia, Western Eritrea, and Eastern Sudan


Addis Ababa August 19/2021 (ENA) IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center (ICPAC) forecasted that heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected over parts of northern Ethiopia, western Eritrea, and eastern Sudan over the next one week.

According to the press release sent to ENA, heavy to very heavy rainfall (top 10 to 5 percent on record) is expected in regions of Al Qadarif and Sennar in Sudan, Gash-Barka and Debu in Eritrea, and parts of Tigray, western Amhara, and southern Afar. 

It added that total rainfall above 100mm is forecasted in these regions.

While, moderate rainfall between 50-100mm is expected over southern Sudan, western South Sudan, parts of central to north-eastern Uganda, few areas in western Kenya, and much of western and northern Ethiopia into western Eritrea.

Light rainfall less than 30mm is expected over parts of northern and southern Somalia, western Kenya, parts of western Rwanda, much of Uganda, eastern South Sudan, southern Sudan, and eastern Ethiopia. 

On the other hand, dry conditions are expected in northern Sudan, eastern and northern Kenya, western and southern Tanzania.

ICPAC urged authorities and the public in these areas to take appropriate measures to protect lives and livelihoods.