Ethiopians, Eritreans Urge Int’l Community to Condemn Terrorist TPLF for Its War Crimes


August 1/2021(ENA)Ethiopians and Eritreans living in Germany have held a rally under the title “Peace and Stability for the Eastern Africa Region!” according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The rally held in Frankfurt was organized by Ethiopians Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation in partnership with members of the Eritrean community in Germany.  

During the occasion the demonstrators chanted various slogans that protest the interference of some foreign powers in the affairs of other countries.

They have also urged the international community to denounce the war crimes being committed by the terrorist TPLF.

The demonstrators expressed readiness to support the Ethiopian National Defense Force in its endeavors to protect the national sovereignty of the country.   

Despite Ethiopia’s unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the terrorist TPLF group has been engaged in carrying out several provocative acts against neighboring regional states by deploying child soldiers.  

Many are criticizing the international community for not publicly denouncing the acts of such international war crimes being committed by the group using the unilateral ceasefire as a good opportunity.