The West is Using Terrorist TPLF to Weaken Ethiopia


The West is Using Terrorist TPLF to Weaken Ethiopia By S. Dibaba

Over the last three years, TPLF has been busy spreading false propaganda that led astray even the most powerful western countries and their modern media outlets who claim to bethe custodians of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

In a regrettable underestimation of their partnership with Ethiopia, today,  some western powers led by the US are working from dawn to dusk to institute a remote controlled puppet regime in Ethiopia by exerting pressure on the country through their commercial media companies that are working hand and glove with TPLF. Besides they are providing diplomatic and political support for Egypt and Sudan who are already engaged in a proxy war with Ethiopia by providing military and financial support for TPLF.

Although a day dream byTPLF, the ongoing war cries to disintegrate Ethiopia into tiny banana republic’s is part of the fascist organization’s plan to create permanent instability in the Horn of Africa so that few TPLF leaders can enjoy their lavish life by literally sucking the blood of the citizens in Tigray.

The current nature ofTPLF is a logical continuation of its original profile but in a different setting. This organization came to power through western assistance and was cherished and funded by western powers to rule by falsehood and make-believepropaganda.Right from the beginning of the first years of the 21st century the west has been abandoning democracy by letting demagogues and totalitarian leaders to come to power and replace globalization by nationalism and protectionism.

This western trend is a continuation of their stance in the previous century in which they were deeply involved in the internal affairs of less developed countries. Western intelligence agencies were behind the assassination of Patrice Lumumba of Congo and replaced him with General Mobutu, NATO and the US ousted Gadhafi in Libya, accused SadamHussein  of Iraq of owning WMD only to find out that there was none.

Today, the west, more than ever is interfering into the internal affairs of African countries and Ethiopia is the latestscenario.Some of the western countries, with all intents and purposes are out to install dictatorial regimes in less developed countries abandoning their former quest for democracy and human rights. Now, the TPLF is fishing in troubled waters in Ethiopia simply because its actions are being Okayed by the west.

Killing nascent democracy and installing the old guards to leadership in Ethiopia is the current strategy that the west is using to weaken Ethiopia by employing all available means. Now although seriously regrettable the west has gained nothing from all these machinations but lost the admiration and respect it had with the people of Ethiopia.

The western media is now actively commercializing on the plights of the people of Tigray in its propaganda support or TPLF in its strategic goal of creating total confusion in Ethiopia. It is clear that TPLF cannot repulse the military capability of the Ethiopian army but is now busy conducting baseless propaganda war about occupying this or that town or killingEthiopian soldiers in thousands. Remember that TPLF is not alone in this rampage of propaganda war on Ethiopia.

The wester media outlets readily trumpet what they have heard from TPLF with no care for verification. The terrorist organization is also profiting from the silence of the international community when TPLF is openly perpetrating multiple crimes against humanity in Tigray. Democracy is experiencing a slow death in the west. Major western global powers are now out to put off the glimmer of hope for democracy in the third world and particularly in Africa by openly supporting totalitarian regimes in the continent.

This again gives a favorable condition for TPLF as its heinous activities are being hushed up by western powers who wish to police the world. This indicates that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of many African countries is at stake. Besides, porous borders, human and arms trafficking, contraband, terrorist incursions, internal ethnic based conflicts, climate change induced drought and floods, proliferation of HIV and AIDS and now COVID-19. No African country is immune from these deep seated challenges that also pause a threat to the wellbeing ofAfrican countries. Ethiopia, indeed is no exception and has now become an epicenter of some of these challenges.