Tigrayans Living in Adama Condemn Atrocities Committed by TPLF against Children


Addis Ababa (ENA)July 31/2021 Some Tigrayians residing in Adama city of Oromia region have condemned the brutality being perpetrated by the terrorist group TPLF against “children that could not carry their exercise books let alone Kalashnikov.”
Resident of the city, Gebre-Egziabher Kidane told ENA that the atrocities committed by TPLF  following the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire given for farmers to cultivate their land and reflect as is outrageous.  

“If the junta cares for the people of Tigray, it should have encouraged them to engage in trade and development and the youth to go to school. However, the group immediately started  kidnaping and killing residents of the regional capital Mekelle,” he said.

It is now an open secret that the people of Tigray are living in dire situation, he noted,  denouncing the terrorist group TPLF for committing inhumane acts against the people of Tigray.

“The TPLF is deploying children who cannot carry their exercise books let alone Kalashnikov by feeding them drugs,” Gebre-Egziabher said, stressing that the junta should be held accountable under international criminal law. 

He urged all Tigrayans, and those living in Adama and its environs in particular, to stand alongside the government to end the atrocities of the terrorist group in Tigray.

Furthermore, he called all the people of Tigray residing out of Tigray region should join hands with Ethiopian brothers and sisters to stop TPLF Junta the crime quickly.

“The international community must also condemn the terrorist group and stop it from blocking humanitarian assistance,” he underlined.

The other resident, Gebrelibanos Abay said it is unfortunate that the terrorist group TPLF has been deploying child soldiers into the conflict.  

Using children in their tender age  is a violation of international criminal law, he underscored.

“Children have to learn and the farmers should be left to till their land to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty in the region,” Gebrelibanos underscored.

The merciless terrorist group has been punishing the people with war and famine, he pointed out, calling on all Tigrayans at home and abroad and Western countries to refrain from fueling the conflict.