TPLF Plotting to Unveil Corpses of Children and Blame Gov’t for Mass Murder


Addis Ababa (ENA)July 31/2021 The terrorist group TPLF has been engaged in a futile act to make the death of the children it deployed to war by feeding them drugs appear mass murder carried out by the government, sources revealed.
The sources noted that the terrorist group is attempting to compensate for the defeat it encountered at the battle field with lies and propaganda.  

The group is busy preparing corpses of children to make them appear victims killed by the government, the sources from the region exposed.  

The sources also revealed that the terrorist group has been executing people based on their  religion and political beliefs, following the withdrawal of the Ethiopian National Defense Force from the region as part of the declaration of the unilateral ceasefire.  

The terrorist group TPLF has so far killed more than 450 innocent people during the past few weeks alone in Tigray region, according to the sources.  

Attacks on Muslim Tigrayans in Wukro, Axum and other places in the region have been carried out by the group, it was learned.

The sources further stated that the terrorist group has been forcefully deploying Tigrayan children aged between 9 and 13 to the war with three days of training.

TPLF has now collected the dead bodies of these innocent children in Mekele to disseminate its fabricated propaganda that “the children were killed by the government.”

The Government of Ethiopia has declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire in order to create conducive environment for the flow of humanitarian aid and encourage farmers to engage in farming activities in the region.

However, the terrorist group has been engaged in carrying out several provocative acts against neighboring regional states.  

Many are criticizing the international community for not publicly denouncing the destructive activities of the terrorist group that has been blocking humanitarian aid and waging war in the neighboring regional states by seizing the unilateral ceasefire as a good opportunity.