Public in Zones of Amhara Region Raise about 160 Million Birr for Survival Campaign


Addis Ababa, July 30/2021(ENA) Residents of North Shoa, South Wollo and East Gojam zones of Amhara Region have raised 159.4 million Birr worth support for the Survival Campaign waged against the belligerent terrorist group TPLF.

The terrorist group TPLF has continued with its belligerent and fatalistic encroachment into Amhara and Afar regional states, even if the federal government declared unilateral humanitarian ceasefire and withdrew its forces from Tigray .

In an exclusive interview with ENA, North Shoa Zone Deputy Administrator Berhanu Taye said the public is zealously supporting the ongoing struggle for the unity and solidarity of the Ethiopian people. 

According to him, some 95.4 million Birr has already been collected in cash and the residents have provided additional 12 million Birr worth assistance in kind.

Similarly, inhabitants of South Wollo Zone have raised over 45 million Birr in cash. 

Residents of East Gojjam Zone on their part raised 19 million Birr.

Prosperity Party Zonal Office Deputy Head for the Political Sector, Tadesse Alemayehu said   out of the 500 million Birr the zone plans to collect some 307 million Birr has been pledged for the Survival Campaign by the public.

In the campaign to support the forces fighting the invader terrorist group TPLF, residents of  North Shoa and South Wollo zones also plan to raise over 532, 472 million Birr, respectively.