Western Support to TPLF Endangers Stability of Ethiopia and Region, Political Analysts Warn


Addis Ababa  (ENA) July 30/2021The ongoing support of some Western countries, including the US, to the terrorist group TPLF would endanger not only the stability of Ethiopia but also the whole of East African region, political analysts warned.
The Government of Ethiopia has been taking various measures with a view to helping the people of Tigray affected by the law enforcement operation triggered by the belligerent acts of the terrorist TPLF.

In spite of this, some Western countries, including the US, have been deliberately undermining  the concrete efforts of the federal government to address the humanitarian and security challenges in the regional state, they noted.

Governments in these countries have given a deaf ear to the ongoing atrocities committed by the group by deploying child soldiers in its provocative acts against neighboring regional states and blocking the flow of humanitarian aid in the region, despite the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire declared by the government.  

Moreover, governments of these Western countries are engaged in pressurizing the Government of Ethiopia to unfairly accept their terms by interfering in the internal affairs of the country against international conventions, the political analysts stressed.

Wollo University international law lecturer  and political analyst, Dejen Yemane said “this clearly demonstrates that these Western countries and the US are tirelessly working to help TPLF regain power and continue with its dictatorial rule in Ethiopia.

According to him, the US and some of its allies are not happy with the current government in Ethiopia that does not work for their political and economic interests in the East African region.

“These governments pretend to care for the people, humanity, child right and other humanitarian issues. However, they were not even willing to recognize the decision by the Government of Ethiopia to implement a unilateral ceasefire in the region,” Dejen stated.

Since the terrorist group has been expanding the war into other neighboring regions, blocking humanitarian support, recruiting and deploying children for war, he noted, adding that the Western countries are silent about these intransigence and unwilling to condemn the evil acts.

Dilla University History and International Affairs lecturer, Abdu Mohammed Ali categorizes   the types of governments in the West into two: Countries that support peace, respect and sovereignty of countries, and others which strive to revive colonialism in a modern way.

The colonists always interfere in the internal affairs of countries and promote war whenever they feel they are losing power and interest in geopolitics of countries and region, he explained.

“We have observed these colonialist Western countries push Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries into war and destruction; because they felt that they are not in control and had to exercise political power. Now, they appear inclined to repeat same tactic on Ethiopia and the Horn Africa,” Abdu revealed.

Both of the scholars warned the governments in the West to refrain from supporting a terrorist group and stop their unbalanced view and actions in the current political situation of Ethiopia in order to prevent further crisis that might even expand across the East African region.